821308 Force O-RING

821308 O-RING Force H040312RD, H040312SD, H040312UD O

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3A4230 - Cone Bearing 6205 4B9373 205K 821308 fits Caterpillar (CAT)

One New Bearing Fits Caterpillar 120 Motor Grade, 12F, 140, 14E Models Interchangeable with 3A4230, 3A4230, 4B9373, 64450, 820145, 820145, 821308
One New Bearing || This Is An Aftermarket Replacement Part Made To Meet Or Exceed OEM Specifications. || Please Note That OEM Part Numbers, Models, & Dimensions Are Intended For Your Cross-Reference. Feel || Some Listings Use Stock Images For Customer Reference, Please Allow For Slight Differences.

Valeo 821308 Clutch Sets
Diameter 1 [mm]: 228 || Diameter 2 [mm]: 228 || New Part: || Number of teeth: 23 || Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: without central slave cylinder
Number on catalog scheme: 25

Compatible models:

Force entire parts catalog list:

H040312RD 1995
H040312SD 1996,1997
H040312UD 1998,1999

Parts o Force:

823533 O RING
H005201RS, H005201SD, H005201TS, H005201UD, H0052C88A, H0091H84D, H009201RS, H009201SD, H009201UD, H009201US, H0092284D, H0092H84L, H0092S88A, H0092S91A, H0093S91A, H015201RS, H015201US, H015211SS, H0152C84K, H0152S89A, H025201RD, H025201TD, H025201T
815460 O RING
H040312RD, H040312SD, H040312UD, H0706A91B, H075312SD, H075312UD
85594 O RING
H025201RD, H025201TD, H025201TS, H025201US, H040312RD, H040312SD, H040312UD
29619 O-RING
H040312RD, H040312SD, H040312UD
26855 O-RING
H040312RD, H040312SD, H040312UD
827668A 1 O-RING KIT
H040312RD, H040312SD, H040312UD
69756 O RING
H040312SD, H040312UD, H075312SD, H075312UD, H075412VD, H090412SD, H090412UD, H090422VD, H120412SD, H120412UD
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