0376154 JOHNSON BODY,Fuel connector

0376154 BODY,Fuel connector JOHNSON 100ESL71A, 100ESL72R, 100ML79S, 10E74G, 10E75C, 10E76G, 10E77A, 10E78M, 10EL79B, 115EL77S, 115ESL69E, 115ESL70D, 115ESL73M, 115ESL74B, 115ESL75E, 115ETZ78C, 115ML79R, 115TXL77S, 125ESL71C, 125ESL72R, 135ESL73M, 135ESL74B, 135ESL75E, 140ML77S, 140ML78 BODY

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1968-2005 || 9.9/10-250

Beck Arnley 037-6154 Intake Manifold Gasket
Matches OE form, fit, and function || Manufactured from premium materials for maximum durability || Designed to withstand harsh conditions in engine compartment || Packaged in clear plastic for easy visibility and identification of all components || Application specific to ensure a correct fit for your vehicle
Number on catalog scheme: 59

Compatible models:

100ESL71A   100ESL72R   100ML79S   10E74G   10E75C   10E76G   10E77A   10E78M   10EL79B   115EL77S   115ESL69E   115ESL70D   115ESL73M   115ESL74B   115ESL75E   115ETZ78C   115ML79R   115TXL77S   125ESL71C   125ESL72R   135ESL73M   135ESL74B   135ESL75E   140ML77S   140ML78C   140ML79R   150TL78S   150TL79C   15E74G   15E75C   15E76A   15E77M   15E78B   15E79E   175TL77S   175TL78C   175TL79R   200TL76S   200TL77C   200TL78R   200TL79A   20R69B   20R70C   20R71S   20R72R   20R73A   235TL70A   235TL78R   25E72R   25E73A   25E74M   25E75B   25E76E   25E77S   25E78C   25E79R   25R69B   25R70C   25R71S   33E69A   33E70M   35E76G   35E77C   35E78R   35E79A   40E69R   40E70A   40E71B   40E72E   40E73D   40E74S   40E75C   40E76A   40ES69R   40ES70A   40R69R   40R70A   4R69B   4R70E   4R71D   4R72S   4R73C   4R74R   4R75A   4R76M   4R77B   4R78E   50ES71S   50ES72C   50ES73R   50ES74M   50ES75B   50R79C   55E76E   55E77D   55E78S   55E79C   55ES69A   60ES70B   60ES71C   65ES72S   65ES73R   6R69M   6R70B   6R71E   6R72D   6R73S   6R74C   6R75R   6R76A   6R77M   6R78B   6R79E   70EL76D   70EL77S   70EL78C   70EL79R   70ES74M   70ES75B   75ELR76D   75ELR77S   75ELR78C   75ELR79R   75ESLR75B   85EL76D   85EL77S   85ESL69E   85ESL70B   85ESL71A   85ESL72R   85ESL73M   85ESL74B   85ESL75E   85ETLR78C   85ML79R   85TXLR77S   CD-25A   FD-22A   J100MLCSC   J10ECSE   J10ELCID   J10ELCNS   J115MLCIH   J115MLCNB   J115MLCSA   J140MLCIH   J140MLCNB   J140MLCSA   J150TLCIA   J150TLCNM   J150TLCSF   J150TLCTB   J15ECIS   J15ECNC   J15ECSD   J175TLCIH   J175TLCNB   J175TLCSA   J175TLCTD   J200TLCIH   J200TLCNE   J200TLCSF   J200TLCTD   J235TLCIB   J235TLCNE   J235TLCSM   J235TLCTD   J25ECIB   J25ECNE   J25RCSA   J25RSA   J25RSLS   J35ECIG   J35ECND   J35ECSM   J4BRCIC   J4BRHCNR   J4WCNR   J50BECIC   J50BECNR   J50ECSR   J55RCIM   J55RLCSA   J5RCIC   J5RCSS   J5RHCNR   J5RHCTA   J60ECIA   J60ECNM   J60ECSR   J70ELCIH   J70ELCNB   J70ELCSA   J75ECNB   J75ERCIH   J75ERCSA   J85MLCSA   J8RCIC   J8RCNR   J8RCSS   J8RCTA   J90MLCIH   J90MLCNB   JH-23A   LD-13B   RD-30A   RDS-30A   RK-30A   RX-16M   TR-10R   V4A-20A   V4S-20A   V4T-14B   VX-14B   JOHNSON

BRP JOHNSON entire parts catalog list:

100ESL71A, 100ESL71C 1971
100ESL72R 1972
100ML79S, 100TLR79S, 100TXLR79S 1979
10E74G, 10E74S, 10EL74G, 10ELT4S, 10R74G, 10R74S, 10RL74G, 10RL74S 1974
10E75C, 10EL75C, 10R75C, 10RL75C 1975
10E76G, 10E76H, 10E76R, 10EL76G, 10EL76H, 10EL76R, 10R76G, 10R76H, 10R76R, 10RL76G, 10RL76H, 10RL76R 1976
10E77A, 10EL77A, 10R77A, 10RL77A 1977
10E78M, 10EL78M, 10R78M, 10RL78M, 10SEL78M 1978
10EL79B, 10R79B, 10RL79B, 10SEL79B 1979
115EL77S, 115ETL77 1977
115ESL69E, 115ESL69S 1969
115ESL70D 1970
115ESL73M 1973
115ESL74B, 115ETL74B 1974
115ESL75E, 115ETL75E 1975
115ETZ78C, 115ML78C, 115TXL78C 1978
115ML79R, 115TL79R, 115TXL79R 1979
115TXL77S 1977
125ESL71C 1971
125ESL72R 1972
135ESL73M 1973
135ESL74B, 135ETL74B 1974
135ESL75E, 135ETL75E 1975
140ML77S, 140TL77S, 140TXL77S 1977
140ML78C, 140TL78C, 140TX78C 1978
140ML79R, 140TL79R, 140TXL79R 1979
150TL78S, 150TXL78S 1978
150TL79C, 150TXL79C 1979
15E74G, 15E74S, 15EL74G, 15EL74S, 15R74G, 15R74S, 15RL74G, 15RL74S 1974
15E75C, 15EL75C, 15R75C, 15RL75C 1975
15E76A, 15E76R, 15EL76A, 15EL76R, 15R76A, 15R76R, 15RL76A, 15RL76R 1976
15E77M, 15EL77M, 15R77M, 15RL77M 1977
15E78B, 15EL78B, 15R78B, 15RL78B 1978
15E79E, 15EL79E, 15R79E, 15RL79E 1979
175TL77S, 175TXL77S 1977
175TL78C, 175TX78C 1978
175TL79R, 175TXL79R 1979
200TL76S, 200TXL76S 1976
200TL77C, 200TXL77C 1977
200TL78R, 200TX78R 1978
200TL79A, 200TXL79A 1979
20R69B, 20R69D, 20RL69B, 20RL69D 1969
20R70C, 20R70E, 20RL70C, 20RL70E 1970
20R71S, 20RL71S 1971
20R72R, 20RL72R 1972
20R73A, 20RL73A 1973
235TL70A, 235TXL79A 1979
235TL78R, 235TX78R 1978
25E72R, 25EL72R, 25R72R, 25RL72R 1972
25E73A, 25EL73A, 25R73A, 25RL73A 1973
25E74M, 25EL74M, 25R74M, 25RL74M 1974
25E75B, 25EL75B, 25R75B, 25RL75B 1975
25E76E, 25EL76E, 25R76E, 25RL76E 1976
25E77S, 25EL77H, 25EL77S, 25R77H, 25R77S, 25RL77H, 25RL77S 1977
25E78C, 25EL78C, 25R78C, 25RL78C 1978
25E79R, 25EL79R, 25R79R, 25RL79R 1979
25R69B, 25R69D, 25RL69B, 25RL69D 1969
25R70C, 25R70E, 25RL70C, 25RL70E 1970
25R71S, 25RL71S 1971
33E69A, 33EL69A, 33R69A, 33RL69A 1969
33E69A, 33EL69A, 33R69A, 33RL69A 1969
33E70M, 33EL70M, 33R70M, 33RL70M 1970
33E70M, 33EL70M, 33R70M, 33RL70M 1970
35E76G, 35E76S, 35EL76G, 35EL76S, 35R76G, 35R76S, 35RL76G, 35RL76S 1976
35E77C, 35E77H, 35EL77C, 35EL77H, 35R77C, 35R77H, 35RL77C, 35RL77H 1977
35E78R, 35EL78R, 35R78R, 35RL78R 1978
35E79A, 35EL79A, 35R79A, 35RL79A 1979
40E69R, 40EL69R 1969
40E70A, 40EL70A 1970
40E71B, 40E71G, 40EL71B, 40EL71G, 40R71B, 40R71G, 40RL71B, 40RL71G 1971
40E72E, 40EL72E, 40R72E, 40RL72E 1972
40E73D, 40EL73D, 40R73D, 40RL73D 1973
40E74S, 40EL74S, 40R74S, 40RL74S 1974
40E75C, 40EL75C, 40R75C, 40RL75C 1975
40E76A, 40E76R, 40EL76A, 40EL76R, 40R76A, 40R76R, 40RL76A, 40RL76R 1976
40ES69R, 40ESL69R 1969
40ES70A, 40ESL70A 1970
40R69R, 40RL69R 1969
40R70A, 40RL70A 1970
4R69B, 4W69B, 4WF69B 1969
4R70E, 4RL70E, 4W70E, 4WL70E 1970
4R71D, 4RL71D, 4W71D, 4WL71D 1971
4R72S, 4W72S 1972
4R73C, 4W73C 1973
4R74R, 4W74R 1974
4R75A, 4W75A 1975
4R76M, 4W76M 1976
4R77B, 4W77B 1977
4R78E, 4RL78E, 4W78E 1978
50ES71S, 50ESL71S 1971
50ES72C, 50ESL72C, 50R72C, 50RL72C 1972
50ES73R, 50ESL73R, 50R73R, 50RL73R 1973
50ES74M, 50ESL74M 1974
50ES75B, 50ESL75B 1975
50R79C, 50RL79C 1979
55E76E, 55EL76E 1976
55E77D, 55EL77D 1977
55E78S, 55EL78S 1978
55E79C, 55EL79C 1979
55ES69A, 55ES69C, 55ESL69A, 55ESL69C 1969
60ES70B, 60ES70D, 60ESL70B, 60ESL70D 1970
60ES71C, 60ES71E, 60ESL71C, 60ESL71E 1971
65ES72S, 65ESL72S 1972
65ES73R, 65ESL73R 1973
6R69M, 6RL69M 1969
6R70B, 6RL70B 1970
6R71E, 6R71G, 6RL71E, 6RL71G 1971
6R72D, 6RL72 1972
6R73S, 6RL73S 1973
6R74C, 6RL74C 1974
6R75R, 6RL75R 1975
6R76A, 6RL76A 1976
6R77M, 6RL77M 1977
6R78B, 6RL78B 1978
6R79E, 6RL79E 1979

Parts body JOHNSON:

0386649 BODY ASSY
40E74S, 40E75C, 40E76A
0386648 BODY ASSY
40E74S, 40E75C, 40E76A
0388114 BODY ASSY., Lower, 115 HP
115EL77S, 115TXL77S, 140ML77S, 85EL77S, 85TXLR77S
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