0310344 JOHNSON HOUSING,Impeller

0310344 HOUSING,Impeller JOHNSON 4R69B, 4R70E, 4R71D, 4R72S, 4R73C, 4R74R, 4R75A, 4R76M, 4R77B, 4R78E, 4R79D, J4RLCSS, J4WCIC, J4WCNR, JH-23A, LD-13B HOUSING

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Johnson/Evinrude/OMC New OEM WTR PMP HSG 0310344, 310344
SKU: 0310344 || Sold Each || Please verify your own fitment
Number on catalog scheme: 4

BRP JOHNSON entire parts catalog list:

4R69B, 4W69B, 4WF69B 1969
4R70E, 4RL70E, 4W70E, 4WL70E 1970
4R71D, 4RL71D, 4W71D, 4WL71D 1971
4R72S, 4W72S 1972
4R73C, 4W73C 1973
4R74R, 4W74R 1974
4R75A, 4W75A 1975
4R76M, 4W76M 1976
4R77B, 4W77B 1977
4R78E, 4RL78E, 4W78E 1978
4R79D, 4RL79D, 4W79D 1979
J4WCIC 1981
J4WCNR 1982
JH-23A, JH-23M, JHF-23A, JHF-23M, JHFL-23A, JHFL-23M, JHL-23A, JHL-23M, JW-23A, JW-23M, JWF-23A, JWF-23M, JWFL-23A, JWFL-23M, JWL-23A, JWL-23M 1968
LD-13B, LD-13E, LD-13M, LDL-13B, LDL-13E, LDL-13M 1968

Parts housing JOHNSON:

0376156 HOUSING ASSEMBLY,Fuel connector
100ESL71A, 100ESL72R, 10E74G, 10E75C, 115ESL69E, 115ESL70D, 115ESL73M, 115ESL74B, 115ESL75E, 125ESL71C, 125ESL72R, 135ESL73M, 135ESL74B, 135ESL75E, 15E74G, 15E75C, 20R69B, 20R70C, 20R71S, 20R72R, 20R73A, 25E72R, 25E73A, 25E74M, 25E75B, 25R69B, 25R70C
0314813 HOUSING,Exhaust
4R69B, 4R70E, 4R71D, 4R72S, 4R73C, 4R74R, 4R75A, 4R76M, 4R77B
0323939 HOUSING, Exhaust
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