889246Q39 Mariner SPARK PLUG, NGK-ILFR6GE

889246Q39 SPARK PLUG, NGK-ILFR6GE Mariner 7200V13IR, 7200V23ID, 7200V23IR, 7225V13ID, 7225V13IR, 7225V23ID, 7225V23IR, 7225V24IB, 7225V24ID, 7250V13ID, 7250V23IR, 7275V23ID, 7275V23IR, 7300V23ID SPARK

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Quicksilver 889246Q39 NGK ILFR6GE Laser Iridium Spark Plug, 1-Pack
NGK Fine Wire Platinum Tipped Center Electrode ensures higher durability, deliver slow wear rate, stable spark, superior anti-fouling, improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions || This spark plug meets Mercury Marine original equipment manufacturer specifications to best protect your engine and ensure its optimum performance || Check your engine owner’s manual for the correct spark plug and use only the plug as recommended by your engine’s original equipment manufacturer || NGK Trivalent metal plating also provides superior anti-corrosion in the marine environment and anti-seizing for easier removal || Longer service life with a copper core and ribbed suppressor seal for durability and performance
Number on catalog scheme: 45

Mariner entire parts catalog list:

7200V13IR 2006
7200V23ID 2006
7200V23IR 2006,2007
7225V13ID 2006
7225V13IR 2006,2007
7225V23ID 2006,2007
7225V23IR 2006,2007
7225V24IB 2007
7225V24ID 2006
7250V13ID 2006,2007
7250V23IR 2006
7275V23ID 2006
7275V23IR 2006,2007
7300V23ID 2006

Parts spark Mariner:

N.S.S. SPARK PLUG LEAD ASSEMBLY #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, AND #6
7002200, 7002201DK, 7002201HB, 7002201UB, 7003201BK, 7004201, 7004201HB, 7004201UB, 7005201, 7005207, 7006201CD, 7006201HB, 7006201MK, 7006201TB, 7006201UK, 7008218EW, 7010207HB, 7010312DT, 7011201TB, 7015201LD, 7015203UL, 70152374D, 7016207CD, 70202
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