807952A 1 Mercruiser REGULATOR KIT, Fuel Pressure

807952A 1 REGULATOR KIT, Fuel Pressure Mercruiser 4231017L1, 4262C01JT, 4332087N1, 4350104KS, 4350118KS, 4441027LE, 444106AM1, 444106LPS, 457B101KS, 474L111JS, 4M31027LS, 4R42027N1 REGULATOR

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UANOFCN Replace Mercruiser 807952A1 Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit V-6 & V-8 305, 350, 377,575
This is a Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit For Mercury Mariner MerCruiser Engine || Part # 807952A1 || FIT : MCM/MIE GM V‑6 & V‑8 (305, 350, 377) EFI engines & MCM 575 SCi || Used on MerCruiser 4.3L 5.0L 5.7L 6.2L 7.4L 350Mag 575SCi w/Cool Fuel || OEM Quality Fuel Pressure Regulator

QFS OEM Fuel Pressure Regulator Replacement for Mercruiser/Mercury 262 V6 GM 4.3L, 305 V8 GM 5.0L, 350 V8 GM 5.7L, 377 V8 GM 6.2L MPI Scorpion, 383 Stroker Scorpion 6.3L, 454 V8 GM 7.4L,502 V8 GM 8.2L
AFFORDABLE DIRECT FIT OEM Replacement EFI Fuel Pressure Regulator For: Mercruiser/Mercury 4.3L 262 MAG TBI GEN+, 5.7L 350 BLACK SCORPION MAG MPI, 5.7L 350 EFI Gen.+ RePower Plus, 5.7L 350 EFI V-8, 5.7L 350 MAG. MPI GEN+ V-8, 5.7L 350 SCORPION, 5.7L EFI MIE, 5.7L MAG MPI HORIZON MIE, 5.7L MAG MPI SKI GEN+, 5.7L MAG. MPI MIE GEN+, 6.2L 377 Scorpion, 6.2L BLACK SCORPION MX MPI, 6.3L 383 Stroker Scorpion, 7.4L 454 MAG. MPI GEN VI V-8, Fits Model Years: NaN || QUICK & EASY DROP-IN INSTALLATION. DIRECT REPLACEMENT WITH VEHICLE-SPECIFIC KIT: Replace all worn components at once using our comprehensive install kit including pressure regulator, fuel pressure regulator || THE ULTIMATE IN PEAK ENGINEERING TO GUARANTEE RELIABILITY AND LONGEVITY. Designed and constructed for problem-free operation in excess of 10,000 hours or 100,000 miles. || The Ideal OEM Fuel Pressure Regulator Replacement for: Mercruiser/Mercury 807952A1, 860349A1 || LIFETIME WARRANTY WITH DEDICATED IN-HOUSE CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM IN THE USA BASED IN VENTURA, CALIFORNIA. Quantum Fuel Systems has been American-owned and operated since 1999. Se habla Español.

UANOFCN Fuel Pressure Regulator Replaces Mercruiser 807952A1 4.3 5.0 5.7 6.2 7.4 350Mag 575SC
For Mercruiser engines || Replacement for Mercruiser 807952A1 || Compatible with Mercruiser 4.3L 5.0L 5.7L 6.2L 7.4L, 350Mag, 575SCi || High-quality and reliable || Package weight: 64g
Number on catalog scheme: 15

Mercruiser entire parts catalog list:

4231017L1 1998
4262C01JT 1996,1997
4332087N1 1998
4350104KS 1997
4350118KS 1997
4441027LE 1998
444106AM1 1998
444106LPS 1998
457B101KS 1997
474L111JS 1996,1997
4M31027LS 1998
4R42027N1 1998

Parts regulator Mercruiser:

02602347, 02608427, 257B021JS, 4111021L1, 430B00001, 430L000JS, 4350100KS, 443B0002S, 443B1003S, 443B100JS, 443HC00JT, 44541101S, 4454110GE, 4454110JT, 45021102S, 457B100KS, 4M31027LS
4262C01JT, 4350104JS, 4350104KS, 4350111HS, 4350118JS, 4350118KS, 4441027LE, 444106AM1, 4454118JT, 4502111FE, 457B101JS, 457B101KS, 457B111GS, 457L101JS, 473B1F0GS, 474L111JS, 474L118JS, 474L118JT
40430002S, 40500006T, 40500010T, 40500010U, 40500120U, 4231017L1, 424106LRS, 424106LTT, 424106LUS, 424106PUU, 4262C01JT, 4332087N1, 4350104KS, 4350111HS, 4350118JS, 4350118KS, 4441027LE, 444106AM1, 444106LPS, 444236HRS, 4454118JT, 4502111FE, 4542067L
40420001D, 4111021L1, 411102KN2, 4211015L1, 4231017L1, 428B116KD, 4332087N1, 442B110GD, 442B115KD, 4441027LE, 444106LPS, 4542067LS, 4652027LE, 4652027M1, 4652227MW, 4A72040ND, 4C72040TD, 4C8204DLD, 4CJ2040ND, 4M11025LS, 4M31027LS
4231017L1, 4262C01JT, 4332087N1, 4350104JS, 4350104KS, 457B101JS, 457B101KS, 457B111GS, 457L101JS, 474L111JS, 4M31027LS
861126A 1 REGULATOR KIT, (43 PSI)
40430002S, 40500006T, 40500010T, 40500010U, 40500120U, 424106LRS, 424106LTT, 424106LUS, 424106PUU, 444106LPS, 444236HRS, 4542067LS, 4652027M1, 4652227MW, 4M4102LPS, 4M4102LRS, 4M4102LTS, 4S42028N1
885174 REGULATOR, Fuel Pressure
40430002S, 40500006T, 40500010T, 40500010U, 40500120U, 424106LRS, 424106LTT, 424106LUS, 424106PUU, 444106LPS, 444236HRS, 4M4102LPS, 4M4102LRS, 4M4102LTS
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