807166A 2 Mercruiser SHUTTER, Water

807166A 2 SHUTTER, Water Mercruiser 4211015L1, 4231017L1, 4262C01JT, 443HC00JT SHUTTER

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Exhaust Y Pipe Water Shutter Flappers 807166A2 Compatible with Mercury
Exhaust Y Pipe Water Shutter Flappers 807166A2 Compatible with Mercury

1 Pair Exhaust Flappers Water Shutters Y Pipe Replacement Parts for 807166A2 807166A 2 Outboard Engine
This exhaust baffle fits replacement part numbers for reference: 807166A2. Fit for stern that drive V6 and V8 engines, has wide application, to better meet your needs. || These are not suitable for the V6 engine that comes with the integrated manifold (which use 807166A1, please note that there is only one digit difference on the part number and cannot be interchanged with those in this list). || This exhaust baffle is an ideal replacement for the original flat oval plate with round pins offset in the Y-tube. Helps prevent water from entering the engine through the exhaust and is practical to use. || If you ever have old parts that have been damaged by overheating. When you remove the drives for service, you may find fragments of them in the exhaust. They help prevent water from entering the engine through the exhaust. || If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us, we will give you a satisfactory answer, we are committed to providing the best service and best quality products.

TITAN 757 PERFORMANCE Mercruiser Water Shutter Flappers Replaces 807166A2 V6 4.3L
New Mercruiser Water Shutter Kit for 4.3L V6 || Replaces Part#: 807166A2 || Fits: V6 4.3 One Piece Manifolds Only || This will only fit in y-pipe that was on the V-6 engines originally equipped with the one-piece exhaust manifolds. Will not fit later model y-pipes that came with 2-piece manifolds || Includes Flapper & 2 Grommets
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4211015L1 1998
4231017L1 1998
4262C01JT 1996,1997
443HC00JT 1996,1997
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