7370A19 Mercury IGNITION COIL

7370A19 IGNITION COIL Mercury 1016207PD, 1016207RB, 1016207SB, 1050312LD, 1135412MD, 1175413MD IGNITION

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The ROP Shop| (Pack of 2) Marine Ignition Coil for Mercruiser 339-7370A19, 3397370A19, 7370A19
The ROP Shop replacement (Pack of 2) Marine Ignition Coil for Mercruiser 339-7370A19, 3397370A19, 7370A19 || Includes - (2) Ignition Coil; comes as shown in the first image || This coil is NOT for models with ignition coils that are thru-bolt mounted (mounting bolt goes through coil body) || Please be sure to check your part or model number to ensure this is the correct ignition coil switch for your unit. Also, please note this may replace multiple part numbers

Ignition Coils for Mercury Outboard 70Hp 70 Hp 1980 1982 1983 1987-19893-Pack
Replaces OEM Numbers: || Mercury & Mariner Engines || 5288A2 || 7370A6 || 7370A8 || 7370A2 || 7370A13 || 7370A19 || 832757A4 || 825668, 825668T

Replacement Part for Ignition Coil for Mercury & Mariner Enignes 7370A19, 832757A4, 825668, 825668T
NOTE - Package included: 1 PC ONLY || Ignition Coil Replacement Part for Motorcycle || IMPORTANT NOTE - Please check all carefully (photos and model) and make sure it will compatible with your original one before order.
Number on catalog scheme: 7

Mercury entire parts catalog list:

1016207PD 1994
1016207RB 1995
1016207SB 1996
1050312LD 1991,1992,1993,1994,1995,1996
1135412MD 1992,1993,1994,1995
1175413MD 1992,1993,1994,1995

Parts ignition Mercury:

1006206, 1008211RD, 1018204, 1020201BC, 1035204, 1035207, 10402139D, 1045217, 1050200, 1050312BC, 1050312LD, 1060504, 1070312BC, 1070717, 10754120D, 1075524, 1090524, 1100312BD, 1115525, 11354120D, 1135412GD, 1135412MD, 1135726, 1150453BD, 1150453GD,
1135412MD, 1135412SD, 1135412VD, 1150413SD, 1150413VD, 1175413MD
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