13536A12 Mercury SENSOR ASSEMBLY, Temperature

13536A12 SENSOR ASSEMBLY, Temperature Mercury 1115473WD, 1135473UD, 1135473VD, 1135473YD, 1200473UD, 1200473VD, 1200473WD, 1200473YD, 1F25201UD, 1F25203VD SENSOR

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New Mercury Mercruiser Quicksilver Oem Part # 13536A12 Sensor-Temp
Number on catalog scheme: 25

Mercury entire parts catalog list:

1115473WD 2000
1135473UD 1998
1135473VD 1999
1135473YD 2001,2002,2003
1200473UD 1998
1200473VD 1999
1200473WD 2000
1200473YD 2001,2002
1F25201UD 1998
1F25203VD 1999,2000,2001

Parts sensor Mercury:

1200473TD, 1200473WD, 1225412PD
825762 SENSOR, MAP
1135473UD, 1135473VD, 1200473TD, 1200473UD, 1200473VD, 1225413RD, 1250413UE, 1256413WD
828358 SENSOR
1200473YD, 1F25201UD, 1F25203VD, 1F30203VD, 1F40452YB, 1F41452YD, 1F51452YB
13536A14 SENSOR ASSEMBLY, Temperature (Starboard)
111047JHD, 1115473WD, 1135473UD, 1135473VD, 1135473YD, 1135D73CD, 1135D73FT, 1150413WD, 1175P73HY, 1200473UD, 1200473VD, 1200473YD, 1200D73AD, 1200D73CD, 1200D73ET, 1200D73HT, 1200E73EY, 1200E73HY, 1225412VD, 1225E73AD, 1225P73DD, 1225P73ED, 1225P73H
856535 SENSOR
1200473UD, 1200473VD
858535 SENSOR ASSEMBLY, Temperature
1115473WD, 1135473YD, 1150413ZD, 1200473WD, 1200473YD, 1200D73AD, 1225413ZD, 1A30302ZB, 1A41412ZB, 1B25203ZB, 1F25203VD, 1F30203VD, 1F40452YB, 1F41452YD, 1F51452YB
854445 SENSOR, MAP
1075D73FY, 1075D73HY, 1090D73CD, 111047JHD, 1115473WD, 1115P73HY, 1115P73HY, 1125D73HY, 1135473YD, 1135D73CD, 1135D73FT, 1150413CD, 1150413FY, 1150413HF, 1150413HY, 1150413ZD, 1150423FG, 1150423FY, 1150423HF, 1150423HG, 1150423HY, 1150424FY, 1150424H
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