3C7-65021-0 Tohatsu IMPELLER, WATER PUMP

3C7-65021-0 IMPELLER, WATER PUMP Tohatsu M120A2, M140A2 IMPELLER

Buy IMPELLER, WATER PUMP 3C7-65021-0 Tohatsu genuine, new aftermarket parts with delivery

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3B7-65021-2/0 3C7-65021-1 Water Pump Impeller For Nissan Tohatsu 40 50 60 70 90 115 120 140 HP 2/4 Stroke Outboard Sierra 18-8924 3C7650211 3C7650210 40HP 50HP 60HP 70HP 90HP 115HP 120HP 140HP
????️■OEM#■:Replacing part numbers For Nissan Tohatsu 3B7650212 3B7650212M 3C7650211 3C7650210 3C7650211M 3B7650210 Sierra 18-8924 Mallory 9-45402,perfectly match. || ????️■High Quality■:Original level of quality and durability, the impellers are manufactured from high quality rubber and will not be damaged even after long periods of immersion in salt water. || ????️■Buy With Confidence■:Highly rigid cardboard boxes and foam wool packaging ensure that your order is in mint condition before you receive it. || ????️■Inquiry Service■:Check your engine part number before you buy. If you're not sure, send us a message. We'll help you find the right part number for your engine. || ????️■Tips■:We will show more detailed information about the product on the details page below to ensure that we can help you to buy the correct replacement part.

3B7-65021-2, 3C7-65021-0 Water Pump Impeller for Tohatsu/Nissan

3B7-65021-2 3C7-65021-0 Water Pump Impeller for Tohatsu Nissan 40HP-140HP Outboard Motors
Aftermarket part: Brand ITACO || For Tohatsu Nissan Outboard Part Number: 3B7-65021-2 / 3C7-65021-1 . Sierra 18-8924. (IMPT: check OEM part number before purchase!!) || For Tohatsu Nissan Outboard MD NS M 40HP 50HP 60HP 70HP 75HP 90HP 115HP 120HP 140HP 2 Stroke Outboard Engine || Number of Blades: 6, Height: 34.80mm, External Impeller Overall Diameter: 64.94mm, Internal Shaft Insert Diameter: 20.33mm, Material: Neoprene
Number on catalog scheme: 7

Compatible models:

M120A2   M140A2   Tohatsu

Tohatsu entire parts catalog list:

M120A2 2003
M140A2 2003,2004,2005

Parts impeller Tohatsu:

M115A2, M120A2, M140A2, MD115A, MD115A2, MD70B, MD70B, MD70B, MD75C2, MD90B, MD90B, MD90B, MD90C2
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