3B2-64513-0 Tohatsu PROPELLER (6.5)

3B2-64513-0 PROPELLER (6.5) Tohatsu M8B, M9.8B, MFS8A, MFS9.8A PROPELLER

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Asaki Propeller Compatible with Tohatsu Nissan 6/8/9.8 HP Outboard 3x8 1/5x6 1/2 RH 3B2-64513-0 3B2645130
Brand New Aftermarket Outboard Propeller 3B2-64513-0 || Propeller 3B2-64513-0/3B2645130/3B2645130M/3B2W645130 || 8.5x6.5" RH; 12 Spline; Diameter(in.): 8.5; Pitch(in.): 6.5; Blades: 3 || Fits outboard 6hp/8h/9.8hp; yr. 2002-05. Related model: M8B/MFS8A/NSF9.8A/NS9.8B/M6B/NS6B/NS8B/MFS9.8A etc. Please check description for more details. || Rubber is inside with the propeller as the picture shown; Propeller send is exactly same as the picture listed, just need to put on the propeller shaft for installation and it can be used;

Asaki Propeller for Tohatsu Nissan 6/8/9.8 HP Outboard 8 1/5x6 1/2 RH 3B2-64513-0
Brand Name: Asaki (known as Boat Propeller before) || Condition: Brand New / Aftermarket || 8.5x6.5" RH; 12 Spline || Fits Tohatsu Nissan outboard 6hp 8hp 9.8hp; yr. 2002-05 || Check description for more details.

Aluminum Propeller For TOHATSU/NISSAN Outboard 3B2-64513-0, 8.5X6.5 Right, fit 6, 8, 9.8 HP
New||Brand New/Aftermarket||3X8.5X6.5 Right||Fits Tohatsu / Nissan 6, 8, 9.8 HP||Aluminum
Number on catalog scheme: 8

Compatible models:

Tohatsu entire parts catalog list:

M8B 2003
M9.8B 2003
MFS8A 2003,2004
MFS9.8A 2003,2004

Parts propeller Tohatsu:

3B2-64515-0 PROPELLER (7.5)
M8B, M9.8B, MFS8A, MFS9.8A
3B2-64517-0 PROPELLER (8.5)
M8B, M9.8B, MFS8A, MFS9.8A
MFS8A, MFS8A2, MFS9.8A, MFS9.8A2
3B2W64514-0 PROPELLER (7), 3 X 8.9 X 7.0
MFS8A, MFS8A2, MFS9.8A, MFS9.8A2
MFS8A, MFS8A2, MFS8A3, MFS8A3, MFS8A3, MFS8A3, MFS9.8A, MFS9.8A2, MFS9.8A3, MFS9.8A3, MFS9.8A3, MFS9.8A3
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