3817328 Volvo.Penta Service kit

3817328 Service kit Volvo.Penta 3.0GXiC-J; 3.0GXi-J, 8.1Gi-F; 8.1Gi-FF; 8.1GXi-E, 8.1Gi-G; 8.1Gi-GF; 8.1GXi-F, 8.1Gi-H; 8.1Gi-HF; 8.1GXi-G, 8.1Gi-J; 8.1Gi-JF; 8.1OSi-J, 8.1GiC-400-J; 8.1GiC-400-JF; 8.1GiC-400-Q, 8.1GiCE-J; 8.1GiCE-JF; 8.1GiCE-M, 8.1GiCE-P; 8.1GiCE-Q, 8.1GiE-JF; 8.1 Service

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The ROP Shop | Electric Fuel Pump for Volvo Penta 3817328 Boat Engine Marine Motor Watercraft
The ROP Shop replacement Electric Fuel Pump for Volvo Penta 3817328 Boat Engine Marine Motor Watercraft || Specs - Refer to images 2 & 3 for more information || Includes - (1) Electric Fuel Pump; comes as shown in the first image || Please be sure to check your part or model number to ensure this is the correct fuel pump for your unit. Also please note this may replace multiple parts numbers

Electric Fuel Pump Replacement for Volvo Penta High Pressure Intake Engine
Fit for Volvo Penta High Pressure 3.0L 8.1L Engine || Part number: 3817328 || Easy to install, but still recommended to be operated by professionals || Please kindly check the compatibility and specifications before ordering

The ROP Shop Electric Fuel Pump fit Volvo Penta 8.1Gi-F 8.1Gi-FF 8.1GXi-E 8.1GXi-EF Engine
Number on catalog scheme: 2

Volvo Penta entire parts catalog list:

3.0GXiC-J; 3.0GXi-J
8.1Gi-F; 8.1Gi-FF; 8.1GXi-E; 8.1GXi-EF; 8.1GiI-F; 8.1GXiI-E; 8.1OSi-B; 8.1OSi-BF
8.1Gi-G; 8.1Gi-GF; 8.1GXi-F; 8.1GXi-FF; 8.1OSi-C; 8.1OSi-CF
8.1Gi-H; 8.1Gi-HF; 8.1GXi-G; 8.1GXi-GF; 8.1OSi-D; 8.1OSi-DF
8.1Gi-J; 8.1Gi-JF; 8.1OSi-J; 8.1OSi-JF; 8.1GXi-J; 8.1GXi-JF
8.1GiC-400-J; 8.1GiC-400-JF; 8.1GiC-400-Q
8.1GiCE-J; 8.1GiCE-JF; 8.1GiCE-M; 8.1GiCE-MF
8.1GiCE-P; 8.1GiCE-Q
8.1GiE-JF; 8.1GiE-J; 8.1OSiE-JF; 8.1OSiE-J; 8.1GXiE-JF; 8.1GXiE-J; 8.1GiE-K; 8.1GiE-KF; 8.1GXiE-K; 8.1GXiE-KF; 8.1GiE-M; 8.1GiE-MF; 8.1GXiE-
8.1GiE-P; 8.1GXiE-P
8.1GiI-G; 8.1GXiI-F
8.1GiI-H; 8.1GXiI-G
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