870998 Volvo.Penta Starter motor

870998 Starter motor Volvo.Penta D100A; D100AK; D100B, D120A; D120AK; TD120A, MD120A; MD120AK; TMD120A, TD120AHC; TD120ARC; TAD120AHC, TID120FPP; TID120FG; TD120G Starter

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DB Electrical 410-24044 Starter Compatible With/Replacement For Volvo Penta Marine Inboard & Sterndrive Diesel, Md120A Tamd120A B Tamd121C D, Tamd122A C D P Tmd120A B, Tmd121C Tmd122A 847308-4 870998
Spec: Unit Type: Starter, Voltage: 24, Rotation: CW, Teeth: 11, KW: 6.5, Starter Type: DD || Replaces OEM Numbers: API MARINE: 15099, ARCO MARINE: 97308, ARROWHEAD: 410-24044, ARROWHEAD (OEM): IMI45002-020, MS712, ARROWHEAD (OEM) (OLD): IS9078, MS543, BOSCH: 0-001-411-010, 0-001-417-023, CARGO: 111219, EMP PARTS: 4-6958, J & N: 410-24044, LESTER: 18220, LETRIKA (ISKRA) AFTERMARKET: IS 9078, LETRIKA (ISKRA) DESCRIPTION: AZK5439, AZK5563, LETRIKA (ISKRA) OEM: 11.139.087, 11.139.524, MAHLE: MS712, MAHLE (OLD): MS543, NSA: STR-2396, VOLVO PENTA: 847308-4, 870998 || Compatible With/Replacement For: VOLVO PENTA: MD120A 1970-1980, TAMD120A B 1972-1983, TAMD121C D 1983-1988, TAMD122A C D P 1988-2002, TMD120A B 1970-1984, TMD121C 1983-1988, TMD122A 1988-2000 || 1-year warranty protects you after your purchase. We're confident that our products will work flawlessly once installed in your vehicle. But in a rare case that it does not, we'll replace it anytime within one year of your order. If you have a problem, we will take every step to assist you, contact us for a replacement. || 100% New aftermarket Starter built to meet OEM specifications for Volvo Penta

Rareelectrical NEW 24V IMI STARTER COMPATIBLE WITH VOLVO MARINE ENGINE TMD121C 1983-88 847308-4 0001411010
100% NEW and Made with the Highest Quality Components Available || Full One Year Warranty || Computer tested for consistent Quality and unsurpassed reliability || Starter - Voltage: 24V Rotation: Clockwise Teeth On Drive / Splines: 11 Country Of Origin: European Source: Aftermarket

12'x9' Large Black and White Emblem Qty 6
Genuine OEM Speed & Strength Part || OEM 12'x9' Large Black and White Emblem Qty 6 || Part Number: 87-0998 || May not include original package.
Number on catalog scheme: 47

Volvo Penta entire parts catalog list:

D100A; D100AK; D100B; TD100A; TD100AG; TD100AK
D120A; D120AK; TD120A; TD120AG; TD120AG PP; TD120AK
MD120A; MD120AK; TMD120A; TMD120AK; TAMD120A; TAMD120AK; TMD120B; TAMD120B; TAMD120B-CC
TID120FPP; TID120FG; TD120G; TD120GG PP; TD120GG

Parts starter Volvo Penta:

824963 Starter switch
AQ115A; AQ115B; AQ130, AQ120B; AQ125A; AQ140A, AQ125B, AQ131A; AQ131B; AQ131C, AQ145A; BB145A, AQ145B, AQ151A; AQ151B; AQ151C, AQ171A; AQ171C, AQ175A, AQ190A; AQ240A, AQ200B; AQ225B, AQ200C; AQ200D; AQ225C, AQ200D; AQ200F; 280B, AQ205A; AQ205LB, AQ21
837437 Starter switch
D100A; D100AK; D100B, D120A; D120AK; TD120A, D42A; D42A PP, D70B; D70B PP; D70B K, MD100A; TMD100A; TMD100AK, MD120A; MD120AK; TMD120A, MD1B; MD2B; AQD2B, MD6; MD6A; MD6B, MD70B; MD70BK; TMD70B, MD70C; TMD70C; TAMD70C, TAMD162A; TAMD162B; TAMD162C, T
828582 Starter switch
MD120A; MD120AK; TMD120A, TD120HPP; TID120HPP, TMD100C, TMD121C; TAMD121C; TAMD121D
870870 Starter motor
D100A; D100AK; D100B
468202 Starter motor
TD120C, TID120FPP; TID120FG; TD120G
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